Artist:    Yes
Title:     Arriving UFO
Unique_Id: FJP0Y006
Format:    2CD
Catalog:   Suck My Disc! LTd.
Misc.:     Made In Australia
Produced:  1998
Date:      ?

Cover:     Drawing of a UFO shining a light down onto a landscape

	   Back cover: Another UFO drawing, with Roger Dean Yes symbol.

Sources:   Audience

Disc 1:    "Warmup"/Siberian Khatru		
	   Heart Of The Sunrise			
	   Future Times/Rejoice			
		Time and a Word
		Long Distance Runaround
		The Fish
		Perpetual Change
	   Arriving UFO - Wakeman/White Synth/Drum duet
Disc 2:	   Starship Trooper			
	   Rick Wakeman Solo			
	   Leaves of Green
	   Tour Song
	   I've Seen All Good People		

Band:     Jon Anderson 
          Steve Howe
          Chris Squire
          Rick Wakeman
          Alan White


Quality:  Good.  Fairly typical sound quality of audience tape from that time period.

Comments:  Notable for the inclusion of Arriving UFO / Wakeman-White duet, which does
           not appear on many released shows from this tour.